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One of the most versatile colours in the colour spectrum, grey is an on-trend yet timeless colour for any tile floor space throughout the home. Grey tiles enable any floor to blend into any setting and enhance any style.  The versatility of the shade, either dark grey, light grey, warm grey or cool grey, means that each space can take on a unique look depending on what it is paired with. The many different shades and tones of grey lead to endless design options to ensure no room is the same. Buy your grey tiles from Sydney’s leading tile wholesaler.

What are the benefits of using grey tiles?

Grey tiles are a neutral tone for flooring, which provide a blank canvas for you to work from with your home’s décor and furnishings. With the diverse range of shades offered in our collection of grey flooring tiles, there are plenty of options to choose from for the tile that perfectly matches your personal tastes and colour palette.

Which tiles are best for flooring?

Depending on the desired effect, grey tiles can work beautifully on the wall or the floor of your home. The best flooring tiles are strong enough to withstand repeated foot traffic, with the ability to protect from a range of spills and drops by being non-porous and featuring protective coating enamels.

What colour goes best with grey tiles?

The beauty of grey tiles is in how diverse they can be when it comes to colour matching. It is important to make your choice with the remainder of your home décor in mind. As a tile colour, our ash grey option is an all-around favourite as one of our most versatile choices, while the darker options available with our brixstone tile are more suited to the modern look.

What colours go with a grey bathroom?

With a beautiful grey tile foundation, you have a vast array of choices for the colours you will be featuring in your bathroom. Grey bathroom tiles can really pick up the hues in yellows or make a subtle balancing point for bolder reds and blue colours.

What is a good accent color for a grey bathroom?

Using grey bathroom tiles starts the room off with a solid colour profile which can have numerous accents added into the mix. From plants and natural décor to bright and cheerful soft furnishings that complement, grey tiles are a colour that can go with just about anything.

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